Our Story!

by stupendous man

I can still recount to you lucidly the day we met
Smart and beautiful you made everyone sweat
I was too lost to notice what was going around me
It lasted for 2 hours and you were gone, I let it be
Your reminiscent memories kept striking me back
Your pleasant countenance giving me a panic attack
For quite a few days but I had to eventually let it go
Trusting my bad luck, I knew you would never show
Yet another day we met I was as insignificant as a stone
I could just stand there helpless and watch you croon
And yet another fleeting memory I could hold on to
Rubbing it off as god’s way of tricking me with you
But I was wrong there you were again waiting to meet
With a smile of recognition that took me off my feet
Six hours and more I got to spend with you that night
Every minute being scared I might act like a wight
You played along you saved me embarrassing myself
I didn’t know if you realized I was falling for thyself
Then the inevitable happened and I couldn’t hold back
I fell on my knees and you know what follows from there!