Is This Goodbye?

by stupendous man

Already a week gone, I can’t stand it anymore
Just call out to me, I can’t feel this like before
I will come running to you, no matter where you are
This distance between us killing me, slowly every hour
Trying not to love you is only harder than you know
God I swear I’m trying but I just can’t let you go
It took me a while but to understand,
To drive some sense into my mind
I know how much you want to leave this place
To not look back, to go far away without a trace
Only leaving me apart everyday as you will travel far,
Breaking my heart every way and painting it with scars
So you were wise to just let go off me tonight
You were unsure if I can do this, if I can do it right
Holding me back would have just made it harder
Harder for me to fight , those tears of revelation
That I’ll be walking with an empty heart tonight
If you are reading this please don’t misunderstand
Please don’t blame yourself for I’ll be damned
As for me, clearly I have just failed once again
Tried to digress from what I was, stoic towards pain!