Recalling the Night

by stupendous man

Last night, when we were alone
You were drunk, I could have sworn
I couldn’t stop myself, I didn’t doubt
Fell on my knee and let my hand out
I was never more sincere back that night
Knowing you’d forget and it’d be alright
I did say the words, ‘I Love You’…
The next day I rise recalling the night
Smug with joy I return to my life
You gave me a reason a memory to last
When I’m alone and look into the past
But it was short my worst fear came alive
Fate played a dirty hand, it left my side
You seem to distinctly remember things
Except the words I said on my knees
I knew I was safe still I could keep you blind
And it will be gone as you leave me far behind
But you didn’t stop, you put the pieces together
Nothing amiss everything perfectly tethered
Fraught with fear and shame waiting to hear
What you felt about this to make it clear
Subtly hoping in a corner of my heart
You’d still say yes and I won’t fall apart
But who was I to dream, it was all my fault
I knew she was leaving I couldn’t stop!