Curtains Draw Closer

by stupendous man

Searching for something that I’d lost tonight
Imploring to the air I breathe to help me fight
Perfectly camouflaged you have been evading me
But my soul wont rest, my agony untill you see
My scars I have inflicted upon abusing myself
Bruises in my heart that even time cannot dispel
Questions creep in my mind without reason
Was it even love we shared before your treason
For long I believed in this grand illusion and pain
Ignoring the wheel of chance spinning me insane
Nothing went right no matter how much I tried
Listening to all her thoughts and vicious lies
It was all an act a perfectly convoluted plot
Only I wasn’t aware the heroine rips my heart
Buries it beneath the ground and leaves me to rot
Now the curtains draw closer as it comes to an end
I wont stop I wont rest untill to her the devil I send