The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: May, 2012

Our Story!

I can still recount to you lucidly the day we met
Smart and beautiful you made everyone sweat
I was too lost to notice what was going around me
It lasted for 2 hours and you were gone, I let it be
Your reminiscent memories kept striking me back
Your pleasant countenance giving me a panic attack
For quite a few days but I had to eventually let it go
Trusting my bad luck, I knew you would never show
Yet another day we met I was as insignificant as a stone
I could just stand there helpless and watch you croon
And yet another fleeting memory I could hold on to
Rubbing it off as god’s way of tricking me with you
But I was wrong there you were again waiting to meet
With a smile of recognition that took me off my feet
Six hours and more I got to spend with you that night
Every minute being scared I might act like a wight
You played along you saved me embarrassing myself
I didn’t know if you realized I was falling for thyself
Then the inevitable happened and I couldn’t hold back
I fell on my knees and you know what follows from there!



Is This Goodbye?

Already a week gone, I can’t stand it anymore
Just call out to me, I can’t feel this like before
I will come running to you, no matter where you are
This distance between us killing me, slowly every hour
Trying not to love you is only harder than you know
God I swear I’m trying but I just can’t let you go
It took me a while but to understand,
To drive some sense into my mind
I know how much you want to leave this place
To not look back, to go far away without a trace
Only leaving me apart everyday as you will travel far,
Breaking my heart every way and painting it with scars
So you were wise to just let go off me tonight
You were unsure if I can do this, if I can do it right
Holding me back would have just made it harder
Harder for me to fight , those tears of revelation
That I’ll be walking with an empty heart tonight
If you are reading this please don’t misunderstand
Please don’t blame yourself for I’ll be damned
As for me, clearly I have just failed once again
Tried to digress from what I was, stoic towards pain!


Will She Accept?

Tells me to live my life, she wont come along
I’d barely make it through the day, without her song
Finally I said it all, I don’t know if she understood
If there was an easier way, trust me I would
I just want to read her mind, I’m falling head over heels
I’m turning blind, I just want to know how she feels
Her fears I fail to recognize, torturing my head
Maybe I’m lost in her thoughts, maybe I’m scared
Truly stranded its been long since I have slept
When will she open up, when will she accept?

Recalling the Night

Last night, when we were alone
You were drunk, I could have sworn
I couldn’t stop myself, I didn’t doubt
Fell on my knee and let my hand out
I was never more sincere back that night
Knowing you’d forget and it’d be alright
I did say the words, ‘I Love You’…
The next day I rise recalling the night
Smug with joy I return to my life
You gave me a reason a memory to last
When I’m alone and look into the past
But it was short my worst fear came alive
Fate played a dirty hand, it left my side
You seem to distinctly remember things
Except the words I said on my knees
I knew I was safe still I could keep you blind
And it will be gone as you leave me far behind
But you didn’t stop, you put the pieces together
Nothing amiss everything perfectly tethered
Fraught with fear and shame waiting to hear
What you felt about this to make it clear
Subtly hoping in a corner of my heart
You’d still say yes and I won’t fall apart
But who was I to dream, it was all my fault
I knew she was leaving I couldn’t stop!




I just want to be honest, but is it right?
How will things turn out, should I lie?
It all started with a miracle, you and I
Hard to see my feelings or truth to identify
Punch drunk with love, I start to fly high
Then with you I ask things I shouldn’t, sigh
Inebriated I lost my mind and  my will
Subconsciousness took charge over me
Little did I know you were full of it
I used alcohol as an excuse for courage
To walk to you and say what I feel, my rage
Then tomorrow I wake up to remember
Have I gone too far, was it a blunder?
The sun was up, but my thoughts still clouded
My heart still dark, confused and shrouded
Punch drunk with love, I want to apologise
Please don’t leave, my mistake I did realize!


Curtains Draw Closer

Searching for something that I’d lost tonight
Imploring to the air I breathe to help me fight
Perfectly camouflaged you have been evading me
But my soul wont rest, my agony untill you see
My scars I have inflicted upon abusing myself
Bruises in my heart that even time cannot dispel
Questions creep in my mind without reason
Was it even love we shared before your treason
For long I believed in this grand illusion and pain
Ignoring the wheel of chance spinning me insane
Nothing went right no matter how much I tried
Listening to all her thoughts and vicious lies
It was all an act a perfectly convoluted plot
Only I wasn’t aware the heroine rips my heart
Buries it beneath the ground and leaves me to rot
Now the curtains draw closer as it comes to an end
I wont stop I wont rest untill to her the devil I send