The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

Of the lies I've been told or said "Time will heal" is the gravest of them all!

An evening to remember!

“I need your grace, to remind me to find my own
As we lay here, trying to forget this world”


Nobody ever asks how you have been
With the truest intentions to know
And until when I was questioned by you
I’d smile and say that I’ve been great
Though I could barely make it through another day
It felt fulfilling to not lie once
To answer your question with a gleaming smile from within
Alas! too shy to bar my teeth
Conscious thoughts imprisoning my will
To just scoff at your formal gestures as we stood amidst a crowd
To just pull you closer and embrace your warmth forgetting this world
It took half the time to create my world with you
Than it took for me to look into your eyes again
Let your thoughts stay with me tonight
To train the chaos of my thoughts
Into decipherable dreams of you and me
Let your presence linger around me
I’ll promise to muster the strength
To smile looking into your eyes again
For with every glance of your face, eons apart
Clarity beseeches me to throw myself in submission to your heart.




“Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I’ll show you a happy man.
But only in their dreams can men be truly free.
‘Twas always thus, and always thus will be”


The perfect poem recited itself in my ears
As the perfect setting of silence accentuated the hues so mellifluously spread
For the perfect woman to walk this earth
Every spoken word that followed lost its meaning in me,
Sounding to me just like any other strum of an instrument
When the struggle is evident,
As life itself scatters around you to find the most meaningful gestures
To praise your beauty, your existence,
The sense of purpose you weave into this world
I sit here amused, watching the sun set with its brilliance dimming in shame,
Its light exhausted in its efforts to outshine you
And with its fading light my will withers
To justify every breath I spend not in your embrace
But in the company of loneliness
As the skies light up from a scarred orb in the night,
Glowing in reservation fearing the very grace
That sent the whimpering sun to the other side
Little does the world know that the moon draws it’s light from your celestial smile
As the sun was no where to be found
Heavy breaths of sighs escape me as the sleep eludes tonight,
Every countenance I gaze upon bear a striking resemblance to yours
It’s only nigh till I lose my insanity
To this obsession of not being simple when I’m thinking about you
But when these words find you
I hope they sing with a more poetic tune than I could ever do.



Flickering Flames! 

“And every time I go to bed
An image of you flickers in my head
And every time I fall asleep
An image of you flows in my dream”


A garden of roses
The quaint colors of the skies and the rain
Every subtlety of nature
Seems more apparent than never before
Fires more raging
Even with the winds whistling over them
Undying unrelenting
Just as my will to witness your smile
Over and over again
A hope disguised in a speck of dust
Floating in the path
Of your glimmering light, rapt with frenzy
Escaping reality
As excuses run thin, as the truth unfolds,
As my cowardice flickers
Just as the flames that lighten your face
I can sense the apprehension
But I would burn the bridge between us
And let the distance stay
So the embers burn bright to keep the flames alit
As the gaze to your smile remains.



Salvation to my world!

“You are the avalanche
One world away
My make believing
While I’m wide awake”


I wake up, wake up to smell of roses
In a desert I pray the wind doesn’t change
It seems harder than before
To make words rhyme to my shame
Is it because the memory of your smile
keeps playing over and over again
The moment of unparalleled joy, that gratuitous smile
All inescapable in this screaming field of dreams tonight
I wish I could spend every minute of every day to tell you
That every moment passed since then was just a picture
Perfect with colors I haven’t witnessed before
Your smile just makes me wonder
Why do we trivialize our existence
When we have much at stake
Why fight for terror and our jaded gods
When we can fight for ways to make you keep that smile
For eternity I will be the ballad who would sing to this world
The rumors I once sought for, as a virtue stands before me
The skies cry as they let an angel fall amongst us
So let me dream of a gentle kiss
As I gently sieve your hair with my hand
Holding close to me, the salvation to my world.



Everything Fades Away!

“For your love I’m sorry
For your pain, don’t worry
Everything fades away”


As you remember the silly thoughts
You’d be writing about
You let your feet run cold
Till they run you down
Run you weary and tired tonight,
till time goes back from whence it began
A second chance, where you’re willing to see
The thoughtless memories
As everything bleeds
The uncertainty in you
As a shadow leaves
A familiar shape of light
flickers into a figurine
Hope wanders into the woods unknown
Would you still follow it tonight
Believing maybe tomorrow is a better day
Or would you just let your tears run down,
Let the shadow disappear,
Silhouettes forgotten
would you just let the darkness fill the night.



Illusions and Dreams

“If I speak ill please, humour me
Won’t rant on endlessly
Just thought I’d try to make you see
My Illusions and Dreams”


Exchanging glances or so it would seem
Drifiting and wandering aimlessly
Blind to everyone surrounding me
In my world of make believe
Their voices sounding like the echoing keys
To the songs that you would sing
You’d still be my dream to sleep tonight
With my discreet passions’ calling out
I’ve renounced the world that we live in
Days are just illusions without you in it
Dishonesty is all I’m facing lonely
So will you be by my side
In our never ending dream and fantasy.




An Acrostic Spun!

Kind luscious lips pursed to
Inspire my artist’s creativity;
Settling on the fall of a day’s tidings
Scintillating this world, never mind the way I,
Muse and gaze at you, blinded by your light –
Ever shining, my eyes, they can’t get enough of you.



Requiem for a dream!

I fell into your dream
to see the world through
your eyes,
Your face was pure serenity
in spite of the fear in my heart,
I couldn’t think of anything else
but your beautiful face
The world became silent,
the evening with its hustling sounds,
began to fade away into
the far distance and
voices no longer mattered.
You watched my world
fall apart around you
but now I know you’ve helped me
to rise above it, where an
eternity with you was waiting
Or so I would dream.
Through the distance
of ages my hand reaches out for you
Wishing to pull you
into my life,
and in return to take
a glimmer of yours.
Because there is beauty
in your world I have never seen
and I will savor every sweet
moment of it
along your every gentle breath.




I Remain!

The fading gleam of flames dance to your reflection
The final memory of you within me construes the truth
That time takes us all, but you
You took what was never yours.




“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Imagine a world of not peace and cure
Imagine a world in where you could never much care
Imagine a world that’s closer to your perception
An eidetic image of your consciousness, much like the redundancy in this line
It would disseminate or shrink much to your whim
Imagine a world where only emotions flowed true
Where reticence is the only constraint we face
Imagine if we were callous about everything
but being euphoric, just over one thing that we truly desire for
That we seek in abundance, that we don’t have to fight for
Would humanity be any different if inebriation wasn’t chastised
If intoxication wasn’t meant to be an escape from reality
But to open the doors which have been kept locked from us
Since the aeons past, since the dawn of mankind itself
Imagine if psychedelics weren’t the only perceived means to transcend
Imagine if love, lust, passion, hunger and desire for any primal emotion are considered as opiates
If possessiveness wasn’t an insecurity, if desire wasn’t a sin
If the world wasn’t materialistic towards living comfortably than to ascend
If syntheticity was chided away and if music flowed naturally from the astral planes
Imagine if we lived not to survive just another day but to explore the possibilities,
Of what lies beyond what we know, before our bodies give in to these exhaustive thoughts
Imagine less of where we came from and more of where we are taken to,
Imagine as if the passing of everyday is a step closer to another scene
Where every moment lived in the past would make you sentient of the unknown world.